„Working with the aid creates optimal conditions for a verbalization of the applied thought processes, manipulative actions and reasoning, all of which are essential for the development of cognitive abilities as well as the metacognitive component of thinking. “

Doc. RNDr. Alena Prídavková, PhD., Department of Mathematic Education, Faculty of Education at the University of Prešov

„The act of manipulating with the game encourages students to remain active, which contributes to their retention of the subject matter and helps them gain their own understanding of it. The aid boosts their interest in learning, experiences, thinking and activity.”

Mgr. Lucia Kortmanová, her focus is home schooling and children with special educational needs

“The illustrative nature, the possibility of active learning and the manipulation with cards significantly boosts an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. It helps students understand mathematics better, imagine a particular number, a quantity of objects or a numerical series, arrange numbers on a numerical axis, grasp progression, understand word problems, …”

PaedDr. Daša Sitková, PhD., pre-school and elementary school in Liptovská Osada

“Whenever we work with Number Town during a class, the room is filled with an unbelievable atmosphere and zeal from the students. They are able to work on the given tasks on their own and discover that there might be several solutions to a single task. I love to hear the children’s line of reasoning, when they try to explain why they decided to solve the given mathematical problem the way they did. It is an amazing tool suited for the development of critical thinking, social competence and peer learning.”

PaedDr. Ľubica Demčáková, Evanjelická spojená škola (a lutheran K-12 school) in Prešov

„Children love working with Number Town. I see them getting better and better, especially in creating word problems and posing questions. “

Mgr. Katarína Družbacká, elementary school in Čataj

„I use Numebr Town with my preschool daughter. It is amazing to work with, as it develops both her motor skills and vocabulary. We make up stories, compare, add, deduct,…“

Lucia Tutoky, mother